Veteran Mental Health

veteran mental health

Listen to three U.S. military veterans discuss their experiences getting support for substance use disorder, PTSD, and suicidal ideation. Identify the signs of PTSD and hear how the stigma around getting help for mental health only makes the situation worse. Know that there are a lot of military veterans struggling, there is nothing wrong with … Read more

Jeni’s Story

Jeni Cain Eating Disorder Story

Hear how childhood anxiety, depression, and school bullying led Jeni to start controlling her food and exercise at 10 years old. Find out that eating disorders are less about eating or not eating food and more about the need for control. Step through how Jeni’s family and friends supported her in her recovery, and hear … Read more

Female Take on Mental Health in College

College students today have an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Add to that a worldwide pandemic and we have a crisis. Get an inside look at the struggles they face.

Burnout and Mindfulness

Stress, if left unchecked can progress into burnout and impact our health. Sarah Waylett details why it’s critical to complete the stress cycle and provides examples of how to use mindfulness and movement to do it. Also learn how design thinking can help you manage future stressors by identifying and validating good stress management choices.

Ben’s Story

Benjamin Williams tells his story about “Being bred into doing the right thing and living a life of Substance Abuse” By ultimately changing his mindset he was able to learn how to stay out of jail and overcome his addictions