Solomon’s Story

Solomon's Story

Solomon and Rich discuss Solomon’s journey through addiction, recovery, and relapse

Tom’s Story

Tom's Story

A 20-year Army Major battles a two-front war: Alcohol and Afghanistan

Employee Discussions – Role Play

two people at table speaking

This series provides several role play scenarios to share insights and considerations for approaching employees who may be struggling themselves or with loved ones.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa's Story

Lisa shares the story of her oldest son Andrew and how a sports injury led him down a dangerous and deadly path.

Marc’s Story

Marc's Story

Marc’s substance use took him through 13 attempts at treatment before he finally found recovery – and a new life – through MAT.

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth shares her journey to recovery, and her passion for helping young people avoid the dangers of today’s substances.

Joey’s Story

Joey’s Story

Journey with Joey, from childhood to today, as he shares his struggles with, and ultimate triumph over, substance misuse.

Tina’s Story

Tina's Story

Early exposure to drugs and alcohol led Tina to an epic, two-decade struggle with substance misuse. Learn how she finally made it through.

Tricia’s Story

Tricia's Story

Tricia was always a social drinker. But a change from a professional career to full-time mom triggered her struggle with alcohol misuse.

Hubert’s Story

Hubert’s Story

This series takes us on Hubert’s two-decade long decline into alcohol misuse, and his path to recovery

Mary Harris’ Story

Mary Harris' Story

Mary Harris grew up in a “party house” with lots of love, but even more dysfunction around substance misuse. Here is her story.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story

Nicole has lived with, and loved, a substance misuser for 25 years. For her, knowledge has been the key to making it work.

Individual Support

two people embracing

This series was designed to allow you to learn about substance misuse and give you the tools you need to make an accurate self-assessment.

Recovery First Aid

medical briefcase

By becoming better educated about substance misuse, you can help build a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace.