Training Courses

The lessons in these training courses provide the information organizations need to know to communicate more clearly around mental health and create a culture of caring. The courses also cover how to approach a colleague from a place of caring to discuss support and resources for challenges around mental health, substance use, and suicide. Though aimed at people who work in the construction industries, the core lessons of each of these courses is applicable to companies in any industry.

mental health communication

Mental Health Communication 101

How an organization communicates about mental health and available resources is critical to building a successful mental health support program.

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approaching employees

Approaching Employees

Review barriers that keep people from checking in on their co-workers and get real-world advice for approaching someone about their mental health.

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recovery first aid

Recovery First Aid Training

Establish a baseline understanding how addiction impacts the brain and get expert advice on approaching employees who may be struggling with substance use from a place of caring.

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suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention

Learn risk factors and warning signs of suicide, debunk common myths, and find out how to offer support to someone who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

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