Suicide Prevention

suicide prevention

Construction has the second highest rate of suicide of any major industry in the U.S., and it’s time to start providing support to save lives. In this training course, you’ll learn risk factors that contribute to someone’s risk of suicide and warning signs that someone may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. You’ll also debunk common … Read more

Recovery First Aid Training

recovery first aid

Talking to an employee to offer support resources for substance use or mental health can be intimidating especially if you think they will get upset or be oppositional. In this course, you’ll establish a baseline understanding of the disease of addiction and how it impacts the brain and get expert advice on how to best … Read more

Mental Health Communication 101

mental health communication

How an organization communicates about mental health and available resources is critical to building a successful mental health support program. In this course, step through the differences between mental health and mental illness, identify factors that influence mental health in the construction industry, and find out how to help employees manage stress. Get expert advice … Read more